Javier Mascherano on his desire to be a coach (but only a good one)

At 32 years old Javier Mascherano knows he is not young and he has to think about the future, although he has a contract with Barcelona until 2019. 

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He gave an interview to Barcelona's club mangazine in which he speaks about it, among other topics. The defender wants to be a coach when his time ends on the pitch, although he doesn't know how it will develop and if he will succeed. 

What he knows is that he will be the first to realise if he's doing well or not. "One can say I am going to be a coach... yes, I will definitely try it, but if I see that I can't do it then the next day I will go to my house, I will go to my field and nobody will hear anything more from me."

Mascherano added: "It will depend a lot on how I feel I can transmit something. If I can't transmit anything it's not worth the effort to force it."



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