Carles Puyol speaks about Barça, transfers and his injury hell

Carles Puyol was interviewed extensively by FIFA and spoke about his time at Barcelona, the injuries he suffered and the recent purchases of the club. 

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"There have been players who have made history, but this is the law of life. Our time eventually comes, either thanks to injury, like me, or because, like Victor Valdes, he decided to change. When we arrived, others left too, and now the same thing will happen. The team is always more important than the players." 

When your body doesn't respond

The former Barcelona defender spoke openly about his frustration because of the injuries he suffered. 

"The last two season I had tried everything. I was operated upon various times, I tried different treatments, but the knee said "enough" and to retire was the best decision, though it was very difficult. It is frustrating to see one part of your body does not respond. And even more so with my personality, to train, to always be 100 percent." 

A learning period

Asked about his new role at the club as an assistant to Andoni Zubizarreta as a technical secretary at Barca, Puyol explained the way he was confronting his new responsibilities. 

"Many people told me I could be a coach but they didn't call. You have to find your place, and finally you have to be doing something you know how to. The club gave me this opportunity and I am very grateful. Firstly it will be a learning period, not making decisions, and I face it with the same enthusiasm and excitement with which I developed my career. In time, I will try to bring everything which football has taught me over the last 19 years." 

Suarez gives a competitive edge and goals

Despite not being part of the squad which has been bolstered by new signings for the new season, Puyol applauded the addition of Luis Suarez. 

"He's a great player, very competitive and with goals. I think he can contribute much to the frontline, he has great quality. With Luis we can be stronger."

Regarding the additions for defence, Puyol reiterated that it is not easy to find a player that fits Barca's profile. 

"We have time to search for defenders, but half of Europe are looking so it's not easy. And less still for us, because of our style of play. To play for Barcelona you need quality, to be good with the ball, must be fast, and defend well high up the pitch, because when you look back and see so much space you can get dizzy." 


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