23 february 2017, Updated 05:45h

Barça's Andres Iniesta apologised to the Real Madrid players

Marca say the midfielder phoned the Madrid players and explained why they didn't attend

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sport.es | 10.1.2017 | 11:21h.

Barcelona captain Andres Iniesta phoned the Real Madrid players to apolgise for the absence of the Barcelona players at FIFA's The Best gala in Zurich on Monday.

Iniesta, according 'Marca', called his friends and national team team-mates to say sorry. The report says "the Barcelona captain made the Madrid players see that [the absence] had nothing to do with the players, that everything was due to differences between the directors with what has happened before. What is certain, though, is that apology or not, [Barça's players' absence] didn't go down well with Real Madrid."

Andres Iniesta has a good friendship with Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos, one of the players recognised at the gala.

Remember that Barcelona's players have been heavily criticised for not attending the FIFA bash and the majority of people at the event, including former right-back Dani Alves, now of Juventus, lamented the absence of Iniesta, Lionel Messi, Gerard Pique and Luis Suarez.